160cm full silicone dolls and adult products for men 160cm full silicone dolls and adult products for men 160cm full silicone dolls and adult products for men 160cm full silicone dolls and adult products for men 160cm full silicone dolls and adult products for men

This is a High Standard Silicone Doll .

It is very important that we are the manufacturer strategically focus on High Standard Dolls only, This philosophy extends to every details of our dolls.

Product Name New 165CM Plus High-quality Solid Silicone Sex Doll
 Brand Name SANHUI
 Material High-quality medical grade silicone imported from Japan with test result
 Height 165cm
 Bust 75cm
 Waist 51cm
 Hip 79cm
 Vagina Depth 18cm(Built-in)
 Oral Depth 10cm
Aus Depth 14cm
 Weight 35Kg
 Shipment DHL/FedEx( (Shipping Fees vary to countries)

She has 5 faces for your choices, it features a durable fully poseable stainless steel skeleton with a wide range of motion similar to that of a human being. Skin tone can be custom-made to your favorite style, eyes/wigs are optional

We create our dolls with the highest quality medical grade platinum cured silicone imported from Japan to ensure our patrons receive the safest most durable companion.

All heads are oral capable and feature finely detailed soft teeth and tongue. She is anatomically correct and each orifice features a different texture. SANHUI strives to create the most realistic experience possible and we are devoted to make better dolls for our valued patrons.

YOGO has been in this field for more than 5 years, Our high quality silicone is thicker than competitors especially in areas where it counts and is unlikely to tear so there is no need to hold back.The artists we hire are quite professional and talented, that's why this girl is so attractive

3.Warranty and Money back guarantee:

At SANHUI we stand behind our products. We provide free repairs for six months and are proud to be one of the first love doll manufacturers that offer a full refund on our products. Your satisfaction is very important to us and if you don't like the doll you receive, for whatever reason, we accept returns for dolls in new and unused condition (un-open box). When you are considering purchasing a SANHUI product please know that you can buy in confidence.

4.Our Doll Materials:

We construct our dolls with the highest quality materials. Our silicone is a medical grade platinum cured silicone imported from Japan that is non-toxic, odor-free, Shore hardness 0 degrees and below, stretches 450%, tear resistance degree is 450Mpa. We use durable stainless steel to create our skeletons and wrap it in an environmentally friendly soft foam to simulate human muscles.

5.Our Dolls Realistic Features:

SANHUI strives to provide our honored patrons with the most realistic, safe, and quality companions that will last years to come. You will find many fine details on SANHUI dolls that are not seen on other brands! Most of our dolls feature realistic soft teeth with removable tongue, defined contour lines on the body, and realistic hands and feet. Please check the details under each doll to see their features. Our new 165cm+ model features pores on her skin that simulate human skin!

6.Built-in versus insert:

We received feedback that the only thing stopping people from purchasing a SANHUI doll is that all the dolls feature built-in vaginas. They believe that it will be really difficult to clean up after use. The truth is, it's not that difficult at all.
SANHUI has committed itself to making high-end sex dolls for years, we want the dolls to be alive in every single detail, that's the only reason why we insist on making dolls with built-in vaginas, it's more real, it also offers you a better experience. For insert vaginas, the doll has to have a large cavity to hold it, after a certain time, the vagina will not be able to stay in the perfect position. If the insert is not removed and the cavity remains wet there is a chance mold can grow. This is especially true with TPE dolls.

With every purchase we provide you with a cleaning tool, and instructions about how to clean it up, you should really try SANHUI dolls, it might be an experience you will never forget.

If you have any special demand for this lovely companion, feel free to contact us.


Quick Details

Material: Medical Silicone
Height: 160cm
Bust: 75cm
Waist: 51cm
Hip: 76cm
Vagina Depth: 18cm
Oral Depth: 13cm
Anus Depth: 14.5cm
Weight: 30Kg
Properties: Sex Products