Why choose us

1. 24/7 after sales service
2 .better service ,better quality,10 years experience
3.imported TPE ,more safe ,more soft,smell good
4.factory directly sell ,factory price
our skeleton usd high quality aluminum alloy,make the doll lighter ,more durable

Product Parameters

Packing Size
165* 50* 30cm
TPE with metal skeleton
Usable parts
Vagina depth:18cm,Anal depth:17cm,Oral depth:13cm

You can design your own doll by mixing different head and following options We're factory looking for agent in worldwide ,if you are interested in our dolls,please feel free to contact us and we will send our best agent prices


Q1: Are the materials in your sex dolls safe?
A1: Yes. Absolutely. We guarantee that we use safe materials with medic and food grade, non-toxic and free-phthalate. Don’t worry about this.

Q2: What kind of material has been used on the Sex Dolls?
A2: Each Silicone Sex Doll is created using a special blend of high quality TPE has been used to create the doll. Each Sex Doll is developed with a skeletal structure. The skin on the Sex dolls are soft.

Q3: What's the difference between a realistic vagina and removeable vagina on the Sex Dolls?
A3: The removable vagina as the word states could be removed from the doll. This makes it much easier to wash after use.

Q4: How long do sex dolls last?
A4: At the end of the day it’s all on how you treat your lady. She could sustain a pressure of 330 pound. The silicon used is highly durable without deterioration and last more than 5 yrs. Avoid leaving the doll in the sun for long hours as silicon is not resistant to UV rays, it may damage her skin.

Q5: How about after-sale service?
A5:A. We could accept returning or replacing goods for question of quality or some damage caused by us.
B. We could assist kindly to solve any question of quality or some damage not caused by us.
C. We could guide you to repair some damage and to save cost for you.

Q6:What is your OEM or Customized Content?

2. Face, eye colors, wig, clothing, etc.
3. Pubic hair planting.
4. Standing feet.
5. Height: From 100cm to 176cm, any height can be customized.
6. Voice and temperature can be added.
7. The private parts of body can be fixed or detached.

About sex doll maintenance

1) Please don't over-stretch the doll , as the skin is soft like real skin.

2) Leave away from knife, scissors etc. If it is damaged, use glue exclusive for the dolls.(Steps as below:Clean the damaged part;

Make the damaged part in nature posture status; Spread small amount of glue on damaged part gently; Dry it for about 30 minutes;)

3) How to clean the doll if the doll gets dirty?

If the doll gets some dust or other normal dirt, please wash the doll with some normal cleaning stuff, such as body cleaning gel but please avoid scratching the doll with your nails. After washing and drying the doll, please spread some baby powder on the doll surface. After all these process, the doll will be like new and touches better. It is recommended to do cleaning and powdering regularly according to the doll status.

4) Please do keep the head away from water.The head should be taken down and cleaned separately.

5).How to deal with the pressure marks?
If you press the doll surface with some items or the doll press herself due to your improperly laying the doll, you can release the pressure and cover the part with a warm but not too hot wet towel for a time. It will recover gradually.

Quick Details

Model Number: SY-165-09
Material: TPE
Certification:CE ROHS SGS
Payment: Western Union T/T paypal
Height: 165cm
weight: 50KG
skin color: OEM/ODM
Function: Vagina Anal Oral Breast Sex
MOQ: 1pc
packing size: 165*50*30cm
pcaking weight: 60KG