Dear Customer

Welcome to our custom space. Except to choose your dolls match the photos we display, you can also custom your dolls here in different colors,hair styles and so on.Following are different selections for you.

Select doll skin tone

body color options

Select eye colour

eyes color

Select wig type and head options

For special face customizing, please freely send your requirements to [email protected]

select areola colour

nipple color

Select finger nail

finger nail

Select toe nail colour

toe nail

Dolls nails are fixed with regular nail glue,can be changed easily if needed

Select labials colour


Select pubic hair

pubic hair style

Select vagina type


Both vagina types are aesthetically look-a-like, removable vagina is easier to clean but the cavity is larger and not sculpted (in order to be able to insert the sleeve), unlike built-in vagina. If you want to use the penis insert ad-don with your doll, you can select the removable option.

Select foot type

stand foot

The right image option enables your doll to stand up by herself thanks to 3 metal screws in each of her feet. The regular feet allow your doll to stand up also, but she will at least a support such as a wall.