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Real Silicone Sex Doll For Men 156cm Cheap Price Online Young Sex Doll Silicone

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Product Description

Dolls Information:
Product Type: 156cm sex doll
Material: medical TPE with steel skeleton
Bust: 29"/73cm
Waist: 23"/58cm
Hip: 31"/79cm
Shoulder: 12.5"/32cm
Hand Length: 24"/61cm
Leg Length: 31"/79cm
Foot Length: 8"/21cm
N.W: 64LBS/29KG
G.W: 84LBS/38KG
Packing Size:59"-17"-11"/ 150cm*43cm*28cm

Shipping Details

-100% secret shipping and packaging

-After deposit orders can be started and after about 3-10 days goods will be shipped out after full payment received.

-One carton for one doll

-Any economical express, air or sea shipping. Appointed forwarder by clients accepted.


Q: About the craftworks?
The doll's face is sculptured by experienced sculptor. The make-up is put on safe materials with no poisonous smell. The breast is firm and soft. The nipples have great flexibility with slightly pink areolas. The navel has a natural centric mark and smooth depression. The private place is used the flocking skills which has no smell or oil either, and can be put into your preferable flavor.

Q: What poses can the doll do?
The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology. The limbs can be operated freely. Please try to apply all kinds of different sexual poses which will give you expectation and excitement.

Q: How to do the maintenance and cleanness?
1. The doll should be cleaned regularly 1 or 2 times per month. Please take shower for the doll with mild bath dew.
2. When the body skin becomes sticky, please also use baby powder or powder to make it dry and smooth.
3. Use soft towel to dry the doll after cleaning and put on some baby powder or powder. Please do not dry the dol with hair dryer.
4. Use the wet towel to gently clean the face. Please do it lightly.
5. Use the mild shampoo to wash the wig. Let the wig dry itself naturally.
6. Please soak new clothing in water with bleaching powder for a few hours to avoid color transfer to the doll skin.
7. If there are cracks on the doll's skin surface, please clean the damaged parts first, and use the TPE glue to repair it. It would be easier if you put the damaged parts together first, then glue the surface.
8. Please lift the doll carefully. Please avoid making the doll dropped, knocked or broken.Don't scratch the doll's body by sharp objects. Avoid bending the doll violently, please do it carefully.